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Name : SungOne,Shin

Address : Doksan 3dong 905-41 gumchungu, seoul korea
E-mail :

Phone No.
House : 02-839-4671
Pager : 015-8478-4675

September 28th in 1971 I was born before birds singing.

In 1978, I entered 'Noryangjin elementary school', and moved to 'soonggok elementary school' where I learned that the ball was round from Guan, Hwangbo who was the member of korean national soccer team.

In 1984, I entered 'Kyungsin middle school' and played soccer with Sangchul,Yoo(he is a member of korean national soccer team now).

In 1987, I entered 'Bosung high school' and made a band with Joongun,Do(he is a pop singer sings 'Heungbu was stunned!') and Jongsuk,Lee(he was given a prize of 'contest around nation'). I passed the entrance exam of school newspaper club, and became a leader, and editer, and made a new section of 'Searching school!'(we went to only women's high school to report on purpose).

In 1990, I entered 'korea university'
In 1991, I directed the opening ceremony of 'ko-yeon fastival'
In 1992, I participated in 'farm doing', and directed 'ko-yeon fastival'
In 1993, I directed 'traditional wedding ceremony' in Ehwa university.
In 1994, I was a waiter in days, and a instructor in nights.
In 1995, I worked for 'Moongchi' as a part time assistant director of 'training program of samsung electronics'
In 1996, I participated in 'Nepal-Ehwa medical service' and went trecking Mt.Everest and Mt.Annapurna
In 1997, I planned my future